Friday, 9 September 2011

Aubergine stuffed with ostrich (or other mince)

Lovely glossy aubergines waiting for a destination, and some ostrich mince bought after the promise of ultimate low fat healthiness, prompted the combination.  I don't like aubergines, so this seemed a very obvious treatment which would be horrid - BUT - as long as you scrape the aubergine flesh out with the spicy filling, and leave the skin this is actually officially DELISH.
Cut 2 (or however many - adjust the recipe to about three quarters of an aubergine per person) aubergines in half longways - keeping stalk on.  Fairly liberally drizzle olive oil on a baking pan (enough to moisten, but not enough to completely counterat the fat free-ness of the ostrich mince - add halves of aubergine, drizzle oil over the top - roast in hottish oven turn over after about 20 mins.  Meanwhile saute ostrich (or whichever) mince with onion, garlic and chili - add sprinkles of cumin, coriander, mixed herbs and whichever mediterranean herbs you have to hand  - we had some mint and marjoram - add these flavourings to taste.  Chuck in small handful of pinenuts and the same of sultanas.  Make a pocket in baked aubergines by scooping out a little of the flesh - chop the extra and add to the mince mixture - this helps the final dish retain some moisture.  Spoon the mince mix into the aubergine halves, top with tomato slices and return to the oven for 20 mins ish.  Serve with garlic yogurt sauce (tzatziki would be nice).  We had chard and beans, as they were in the veg box.  Victim scoffed spicy mince, sauce and pitta but only picked at the other veg - but I will keep trying.  I reckon this could be at least 3, if not 4, of your 5  a day.

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