Saturday, 20 October 2012

Spanish chicken, with chorizo and peppers

Had a couple of mates here for tea, a bit bunged up with cold, so we thought something comforting, with a little bit of heat - but clean and not at all creamy might be best.  Some chicken breasts and some chorizo in the fridge and this spanish-ish stew was ready in 30 minutes.

Enough left for freezing for work too, so not a bad result.

Gathered victims declared delish and lush - so it can't be bad.

1-2 tbsps olive oil
1 onion chopped
About 10 cm piece of chorizo, skinned and diced
3 chicken breast, cut into bite sized pieces
pinch chili flakes
2 cloves garlic, chopped
2 red peppers chopped
About 10 mushrooms, chopped
glass of white wine
tin of tomatoes
chicken stock
edame beans
Small cup of black olives, chopped.

1.  Soften onion in olive oil, add chorizo and fry so that it lets out spicy oil.
2.  Add chicken and fry for a couple of minutes.
3.  Add vegetables, garlic and chili flakes.  Turn around in the pan for a couple of minutes, until all the oil is coating the meat and veg.
4.  Pour in wine.  Allow to simmer for a couple of minutes, then a tin of tomatoes, and about a pint of stock.
5.  Simmer, chuck in edame beans (or frozen peas) cover and stick in oven (or on a lowish heat on the hob) for 20+ minutes.  If on the hob, check every now and then that it hasn't become too dry.
6.  10 minutes before serving stir in chopped olives.
6.  Serve with rice.

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