Saturday, 17 February 2018

Gung hai fat choi

Happy Chinese New Year.  Even with the limited kitchen I love a good excuse for a food related celebration, so I managed this - szechuan noodle stir fry and steamed sea bream. OK - I cheated and bought the stir fry sauce, but cut me some slack, I've not got a kitchen.  The presentation is poor, the flavours were delicious.

Coconut oil
Spring onion
Red pepper
Green beans
Water chestnuts
Szechaun stir fry sauce

Soy sauce
Sea bream

1. Chop the vegetables into stir fry sized pieces.
2.  Finely chop garlic, ginger and chilli and place in a microwavable bowl.  Add 2 tbsp soy sauce and about the same of mirin.  Put the fish into the marinade, making sure all sides have been flavoured.  Put cling film on the top, pierce, to let out the steam.
3.  Heat the "wok" (or 8 in 1 cooking thing for us) and melt coconut oil.
4.  Put the vegetables in to the "wok" and start stir frying, adding half a cup of water helps it steam cook at the same time.
5.  Nuke the fish for 4 minutes.
6.  Add the stir fry sauce to the vegetables, stir through, make sure it's all hot - you may wish to add a little more water.
7.  By now the fish has been nuked and stood for a couple of minutes - nuke it again for 4 minutes.
8.  Add the noodles to the vegetables, and stir in.  Heat through for a minute or so.
9.  Put the noodles into a dish, and the fish on top.
10.  Serve, scoff ... slightly smugly congratulate yourself for doing better than just take-away 6 full weeks into kitchen renovations.

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