Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Burn's night

Well, you just have to - haggis, neeps and tatties and greens.  Favourite bit was neeps and tatties - victims favourite bit was "spreading the joy"  - or passing left over (mammoth) haggis over fence to lovely neighbours.  Trust us to get a Haggis for 10, for 2 ... was going to be more, but due to lack of organisation was low key!  The haggis for 10. would, in my estimation serve at least 12 - and more like 18-20.  Servings so far... 2 x "live", 2 x packed dinners for nuking, 2 x very happy dogs & very large plateful emigrated next door.

Just to note, weekend "victims" have reported that they didn't feel like victims - which, of course, is good - but is making me rethink the tone  of the narration - after all, it's only very rarely that we lock them in and force new foodstuffs upon them ;).

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