Sunday, 23 January 2011

Extremely healthy carrot muffins, and poached pear

Surprise visit from victims with particular requirements - veggie and low fat/ low sugar.  So butter bean casserole, brown rice and cavolo nero followed by poached pear.  Too much chatting going on to remember to take pics at the time - but as I often do, I saved my pud and ate it cold today.  Victims had seconds of firsts, as it were, and gave the pears a big thumbs up.  Pears were poached in cranberry and blackcurrant juice with root ginger and cinnamon.  After eating mine today, even cold, I concur with their view.  Carrot muffins recipe came with organic veg box, and has been taken away as approval was so strong.  It was from Abel and Cole, so maybe it will be on the website soon.

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