Tuesday, 8 March 2011

British Pie Week Day 2: Pancake Day

Standby chicken pie, veg and potatoes - disappointing I admit - but I was not prepared for British Pie Week (mea culpa and all that) - and I defy you to commute 3+ hours, work for 10 hours solid and come home to bake a pie from scratch and still get up at 5:30 the following morning.  Will do better!  Did, however, make the pancakes from scratch - was full so only wanted one - but had it with sugar and lemon in time honoured fashion.  It might look a bit puny, but it was tasty - I put the lack of colour down to i) aga being low heat due to being later home ii) oil, not butter in the pan, and no butter in the mix.  Both victim and I were left with bloaty tummy which we can only put down to standby pie - so would have been better with summat else from scratch after all!  In other news watched Heston trying getting posh people to snort aerosol water up their hooters to improve the flavour of airline food... 'spose some of them might be used to snorting, but a dose of water vapour up the nose is not often known to improve the appetite, even if it does clear the channels - starter madam?  scallops on a cauliflower puree, thai fishcakes or a cleansing nasal douche!  Still he did manage to point out the bleeding obvious, that a chef should taste their food at point and condition of consumption!  Less disappointed with this week's offering than with last week's flavoured popcorn.


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