Friday, 8 July 2011

Cajun chargrilled chicken, rice and spring vegetables

The request was for ricey stuff - but, again, I didn't quite fancy that - but took what was in the fridge to make something a bit more ... well, .... thingy.  So we ended up with steamed rice (thai jasmine in this case - but could have been basmati, white, brown... mix etc)  infact lime infused rice would have been really nice.  Chopped spring onions, garlic, courgette and sauteed for 5-10 mins until just catching at the edges - added splosh of white wine and simmered - then added chopped green beans, added water when it looked like it was getting dry.  Meanwhile podded broad beans and poured on some boiling water. Tossed bite sized chicken pieces in cajun seasoning and some black pepper.  Then started on the mammoth task of individually taking the skin off the individual broad beans - a faff, but they are much sweeter and glisten like green jewels in the mix if you can be bothered.  Then put some roughly chopped curly kale in pan with small amount of water to wilt and then steam.  So, after about 20 mins - rice is steaming, spring veg casserole is ticking over, curly kale is steaming gently, chicken is "marinading" in cajun mix.  Stir juice of half a lime into 3 tbsps creme fraiche (to taste) and season.  Heat olive oil in  frying pan and quick fry seasonned chicken pieces - chuck broad beans into spring veg casserole and mix in, keep on mendium heat until all heated through.  Plate up - as prettily as possible when the chicken is cooked (should be about 6 mins, turning half way through).

Victimed moaned about curly kale (predictable) but it was my favourite bit, which is why I keep trying.  All in all, uses more pans than I can usually be bothered with for just a tea - but I thought the dinner was worth it.  Victim scoffed all of the courgette etc mix, so that's a result of sorts!  Creme fraiche (or yogurt) dressing means you can be a bit more ruthless with the cajun flavouring on the chicken.

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