Friday, 20 April 2012

Breton(ish) chicken with rice

Many years ago I was presented with a plate of coronation chicken and rice.  The chicken mixture was yellow and gloopy, the rice was white.  Tonight's dinner reminded me a lot of that, until I tasted it.  The coronation chicken was very, very mildly curried, a bit sweet and tasted the same in every mouthful - this was better - I could taste the chicken, the beans, the mushrooms - and the sauce - but even so, it didn't set my taste buds on fire.  Personally, I think it's the cream that mutes all the flavours - but some people like it, so hey ho.  Amongst the people who like creamy sauces are current victims.  One of the current victims suffers from dementia, and possibly other degenerative mental illnesses (diagnosis may be difficult, therapies seem non-existent and coping strategies are similar for all of the conditions) .. really likes chicken and sauces, and doesn't always get enough veg - so this was a good opportunity to please, and to load up with vitamins - clean plate indicates success, as far as I can measure.  So, sautee onion and leek with a rasher of bacon (chopped) in olive oil (not much), add bite sized pieces of chicken breast, chopped mushrooms, green beans and courgette, and squished garlic - stock, splash of white wine, teaspoon of mustard, seasoning.  Simmer for a bit.  Chuck in some beans (or peas, or peas and beans and sweetcorn, or not) and simmer again for 4 mins.  Take off the heat and let cool down slightly, then stir in cream. (You can thicken the sauce with slaked cornflour if its too runny).  We had brown rice - you could have summat else - pasta, spuds, bread, salad etc.  Both victims ate it, and we all quite liked it, but none of us would have it for our last supper.

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