Friday, 13 April 2012

Crab cakes and celeriac slaw

OK - this looks like a burnt offering with some salad.  Fair enough - but it is home made burnt offering, with home made salads.  The crab cakes were inspired (?) by yesterday's bargain - and the everything else was in the fridge, including from the last veg box - with a spring onion boost from Poly the tunnel! :)

So, the "recipe".  I peeled, chopped into chunky cubes some potatoes - meanwhile chopped spring onions (from poly the tunnel) and some celery, added minced garlic and chili, and some sweetcorn - and then very carefully picked over crab - when the potatoes were cooked mashed them, and seasoned.  Mixed the veg and mash - added beaten egg - beat until fully mixed.  Fried in hot olive oil  until crust formed - them put in baking tray in hot oven for 20 mins.   Serve with green salad, and celeriac slaw, and some sweet chili dipping sauce.  

Celeriac slaw - grate or mandolin - carrots, red onion, celeriac into lemon juice - stir in tsp mayonnaise, tbsp natural yogurt; squeeze of lemon/lime juice (or splash of vinegar).

Salad greens - you know what your victims will embrace - I tried watercress, chichory and cos lettuce ... most of it was left, but I loved it!  Hey ho (again)

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