Saturday, 10 November 2012

Cajun chicken strips, roman cauliflower and brown rice

Had some lovely, lovely victims round for tea tonight - and had some good chats, and some good laughs, and a nice tasty dinner. And I hope we can do it again soon... whenever, wherever... and this dinner was REALLY easy - but packed a punch.  Another bonus was that it was chucked together in 20 minutes ... sat waiting while we chatted ... and was delish when we sat down to eat (and chat and larf).  Thanks to victims for providing pud - I will be scoffing that tomorrow.

So, we'll start with the rice.....

Brown rice - cook it - according to packet instructions.  (Or, if the oven is on low-ish) put rice in a casserole with a lid, cover with water - height of rice + 1 inch, bring to the boil, stick in oven.  Ignore for at least 30 minutes, but basically until you are ready to eat.

Cajun chicken - buy cajun seasoning!  mix with cornmeal (50/50 - I used about 3 tbsps for 3).  (you could use flour or breadcrumbs, something dry to mix with the spices.  Toss in strips of chicken breast.  Shallow fry in olive oil - a couple of mins on each side - when you are ready to eat.

Roman cauliflower - chop 1 large onion, soften in olive oil - add 2 cloves crushed garlic and some mixed herbs/ oregano - add chopped red pepper, mushrooms and cauliflower florets, stir around for a bit.  Tip in a tin of chopped tomatoes & a tin of water.  Simmer for a bit, add small pinch of chili flakes (you don't want hot... just a tiny backgroud kick) - and a couple of tbsps of black olives, sliced (I used sliced out of a jar... OK they're not premium kick-ass olive - but they do the job really well, and they are SO quick).

Yogurty sauce - low fat natural yogurt, 1 clove crushed garlic, 2 tsps olive oil, pinch of salt, grinding of black pepper and juice of half a lime - stir....

Receive fulsome praise from gathered victims (Both of whom had seconds... let it be recorded).

Just to add.... Really best of luck to victim the younger who is chucking their good self out of an airyplane in the morning for the good of charity....  (bonkers!)


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