Thursday, 29 March 2012

Baked sweet potato, black bean salsa and garlic yogurt dressing

Alright, it looks a bit of a gruesome pile - but it was very tasty, and very very healthy.  Bake sweet potato for about an hour in a hot oven (pricked like a spud and with olive oil lightly rubbed on the skin).  Chopped red onion, cucumber, celery, red pepper, radish, tomato, added sweetcorn and black beans.  Then mixed seasonning well, and adding enough olive oil to moisten.  At the end added a small handful of salad leaves.  The dressing is made of greek yogurt, garlic, salt and pepper and lemon juice mixed together.  I still think sweet potato is too sweet, but it is a superfood - and with all the chopped salad this has got to be a significantly health giving tea.  Victim didn't say much!  but ate it.


  1. was pretty yummy - but you can't please all the victims all of the time! It was fresh, crunchy, but with satisfying squashiness in the sweet potato - and a garlicky smack around the chops... a good range of textures as far as I can see :)


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