Friday, 30 March 2012

Greek(ish) chicken stew, brown rice and garlicky spinach

Chopped an onion, some celery and a red pepper - sauteed in olive oil until a bit soft.  Added chopped red pepper and green beans cut into 2-3 cm pieces.  Chopped 2 x chicken breasts into bite sized pieces - and added them to the pan.  Kept stirring so that nothing started sticking, and everything had a coating of oil - then bunged in herbs - spice mix (some labelled as "greek spices", some mixed herbs, a bit of extra oregano and mint) and a teaspoon each of garlic paste and tomato puree. Crumbled in a chicken stock cube and added about 2 - 3 pints of water.  Peeled and diced a potato, and chucked that in  - mostly it thickens sauce.  Cook brown rice following packet instructions (in an aga (as we have) - bring to the boil in pan with water 1 inch above the top of the rice... steam in warming oven for 20+ minutes).  Spinach - boil a tiny bit of water (half a cup) with some crushed garlic - add spinach leaves, cover for 4 minutes.  Stir, grate in nutmeg and black pepper - drain, stir again, add greek yogurt and a squirt of lemon juice.  Victim wasn't keen on "slimy stuff" (meaning the spinach, which I loved) but ate the lot.  Result, I say!  3 pots left for kitchen fairies dinners :)

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