Friday, 15 June 2012

Mushroom etc stroganoff(ish)

OK. We eat quite a lot of pasta dinners.  I do not apologise.  This dinner, however, takes you away from the tomato (or tomato/meat/cheese)
 sauce with spaghetti/whatever, and towards a slightly more eastern european flavour [please note, no claim to any authenticity etc..] What I was going for was an earthy, slightly hot and aromatic, slightly crunchy silky smooth sauce with perfectly cooked, biteful pasta to add body.  So, the chosen pasta was tagliatelli (follow instructions) - I boiled the pasta for about half a minute less than instructed, but let to drain for half a minute, and rest in the sauce for a good couple of minutes before dishing up.  So, the sauce, chopped onion sauteed in olive oil, added minced garlic (quite a lot), sautee until onions nearly transparent (not burnt) - add chopped veg - today red pepper, green beans, celery, mushrooms & edame beans - and minced garlic - chucked  in glass of white wine. Keep stirring, add stock (about a pint) and some water if necessary, to get all veg to soften enough.  When veg is cooked to just still slightly crunchy, the pasta should be nearly ready - if it is not on yet - cook the pasta - finish the sauce when the pasta is ready.  So, to veg stir in big spoon of cream cheese, some grated parmesan and a big splosh of cream - toss in pasta - Serve, scoff - well tasty!

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