Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Pork biryani

Victim was hankering biryani (go figure!), and we had some pork shoulder steaks in the freezer... and loads of veg from the veg box... so I fashioned this... and it was DELICIOUS (even though I say so myself).  Downside... enough left over for the rest of the week... Upside ... palmed it off on the neighbours... and some left for the freezer.  So, instructions... marinade diced pork in rogan josh curry paste, garam masala, loads  of crushed garlic, star anise, bay leaves, and some olive oil for at least an hour.   Meanwhile cook rice, and parboil some potatoes.  Sautee chopped onion until soft, add chopped veg (celery, red pepper, courgette, mushrooms, a turnip and fresh tomatoes) and cook gently until veg starts to soften. Season.  Add chicken stock and tin of chopped tomatoes.  Simmer again.  Cook pork in hot pan for about 10 minutes, including marinade - this stage is to seal the meat, but more importantly cook off the spices.  When the meat mixture has sizzled away for 10 minutes or so, add vegetable suace and mix well.  Chuck potatoes on the top and layer cooked rice over these.  I then added chopped almonds and cashews, and sultanas.  Cover tightly and cook in medium oven for at least an hour and a half.

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