Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sausage casserole

Sausage casserole, in July?  Yes, because of the grim weather this sort of autumnal dinner was required.  Fry sausages with onion and garlic, add celery, red pepper, mushrooms, and because there was some in the fridge sweet potato.  Sautee for a bit until veg is a little soft, but not cooked add tin of chopped tomatoes, splash of hot sauce and a pint of stock.  Add chopped beans (or other green stuff) and chuck in the over for about 40 minutes. Served with brown rice.  Victim scoffed it but didn't say much.  However, chopped up, mixed with the rice and served to additional victims who had suffered car trouble and many hours on the motorway as "gunge" at 11:30pm it was very favourably received.

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