Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Chicken and chorizo

It was cold, and I was feeling lazy, so wanted a minimum fuss dinner. Chicken thighs are underused - they are cheap, tender and tasty.  To add a bit of oomph I added sliced chorizo, and to fox the veg dodger I included onions and red pepper.  So even though he body swerved the green salad, he did get some veg with his meat.

Olive oil
red pepper
chicken thighs
oven chips
salad leaves

1.  Fry onion in olive oil, add red pepper.
2.  When the onion is a bit soft, it doesn't need to be completely cooked - add chicken pieces, skin side down to brown.  The throw in slices of chorizo.
3.  Transfer chicken to an oven dish,  pour on the other ingredients, cover and bake for about 40 minutes.
4.  Cook oven chips and put out salad.
5.  Serve, scoff

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