Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Potato, onion and bacon bake

No posts for a bit - largely due to work stress - we have been eating food, but just not taking pics of it - and not finding time to do fun based computer stuff - just work based computer stuff.  Busy again today, so nice comforting dinner - potato, onion and bacon bake with steamed veg.  Should you wish to give it a bash - peel potatoes - peel at least 3 more than you think are reasonable for gathered crowd (I peeled 8 for 2 of us! well 4 of us really as I know that leftovers are off to outlaws for supplies tomorrow).  Peel and chop into rings or half moons some onions (I used 3 tonight), and chop some rashers of bacon into bite sized yumminess (I used 4 rashers of back bacon as I just wanted enough of a hint for flavour, but not bacon as a major ingredient).  Also sliced 1 x beef tomato (totally optional, and you could chuck in mushrooms, courgettes or other veg which is about).  Drizzle olive oil in bottom of decent sized casserole dish - layer in potatoes, onion, seasoning, bacon (tomato... or...) drizzle again - start layers again with potato - continue - always finish with a layer of potato - pour over stock of choice (I used chicken) to just touch the top layer of potatoes.  Drizzle of oil on top and lots of black pepper.  In oven (hottish - about 180-200) for an hour or so - check with a sharp knife that potato is soft.  I also steamed some veg - but would be extra yumscrumptious with baked beans!  Victim loved 'tato stuff - but moaned about beans in veg.... sigh - what can you do?!  Enough leftovers for outlaws for lunch tomorrow (I already mentioned that).

Other news:  2 eggs - Rosemary still broody, but might be loosening grip a bit (let's hope) - and started 70 litres of elderflower champagne. (River Cottage recipe - more or less -

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