Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Retro cod and peas dinner

OK - when I started this blog it was going to be more than just what I rustled up for dinner.  Because, though dinner (and breakfast, tea, lunch, supper and snacks) is important - other stuff happens too.  I started it for a number of reasons -.... it's interesting (in many facets from a shared interest - technology, community, definition of social, message, medium and conduit), it's an outlet away from the day job to record (or shine a light on areas for development) my other obsession(s) and well - just for fun.  I have not, here, commented on the riots/organised looting ... but maybe I should - because I do have an opinion.  I have managed to tweet / retweet a couple of sentences, but that is hardly well thought out social commentary.  So, bear with me, ... is that going to change?  am I going to write more?

Honestly, I don't know.

But I think that the winds of change are gathering speed.  The looting/ opportunistic thieving young (mostly) adults who engaged in criminal behaviours last week fall into a number of "categories" gangs, dissaffected, marginalised, spoilt, angry, resentful, misled, undisciplined, disillusioned, desparate, greedy, ... .  

And I think of myself... educator, loyal, professional, adaptable, willing, cooperative, flexible, intelligent, inspiring (no really, other people have said these things)... and grumpy, busy, form filler (they have said those too) ... educator for me the most important - or rather facilitator of people gaining more knowledge and skills through a supportive (and accredited) framework... and feel the slump in morale around me, and the slump in goals for those we are trying to support and it all seems to get more desparate.

But if you can't work the "recipe" out - boil new potatoes (cut into bite sized piece) for about 20 mins, boil cod and parsley sauce accrding to packet instructions, steam asparagus for about 8 minutes, boil frozen peas for about 4 minutes.  Cheered me up somewhat!

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