Saturday, 6 August 2011

Stroganoff mark 2: Chicken and vegetable this time

The green bowl doesn't help - but honestly this didn't resemble a bowl of sick so much in the flesh - and was, infact, better than the beef version from earlier this week.  However, I don't want you to focus on this pic too long, so recipe very brief - saute onion garlic, celery, courgette, chicken and bacon, also added pinch of dried chili flakes at this point, which I think was a good addition - add herbs, paprika and stir in a sprinkle of flour, add chicken stock and simmer - boil the pasta.  Add frozen peas and seetcorn to chicken mix with a splash of Lea and Perrins.  Drain pasta, take chicken mixture from heat - stir pasta into sauce, stir in 2 tbsp cream and 3 tbsp low fat greek yogurt.  Check seasonning and serve with plenty of black pepper.  Victim approves - which is good because it was her idea, hence the appearance of stroganoff twice in four days.

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