Friday, 11 November 2011

Onion and red wine tarte tatin, roast potatoes and green vegetables

Have been thinking about trying another savoury tarte tatin for a while - and visit from (nearly) vegetarian mother prompted me.  Was lovely - details will be sketchy as busy chatting - but - soften onions in butter and olive oil - make pastry - par boil poatatoes - then roast... chop leeks, celery, green beans - add herbs, white wine and stock - casserole for a while.  Drain potatoes and chuck inothot oil in roasting pan for 45+ mins.  When onions are good and soft add soft brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, red wine and seaoning... simmer until reduced.  Take onion mixture off the heat and cool a bit, add sliced brie and cover with pastry.  Bake for 20+ minutes.  Steam and butter cabbage.  Serve.  Listen to adoring fans... or not - they are too busy with sudoku.

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  1. Looks lovely Sian - as usual. Sent the link of this blog to a beekeeper friend (Dan) he like to cook too.



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