Tuesday, 21 August 2012

You've gotta love leftovers

Working from home, and on a tight deadline, so needed something quick.  Fortunately, despite some people's protestations, there is nearly always something in the fridge which will take minutes to whip up into something both tasty and healthy.  Today was no exception - our own eggs - left over veg from Sunday dinner - a spring onion - dah dah - garden omelette.

I calculated the price by (over)estimated amount used from  a standard supermarket packet.  What this reminds me is not that this was pricey - but the importance of not wasting leftovers etc.

Garden omelette, with a bit of salad

Serves 1:  Preparation time:  7 minutes.  Approx calories 399:  Approx price: £1.07 (if you had to buy the eggs, and the veg wasn't already costed into another meal - I think it's more like 35p)

1/2 tbsp olive oil
1 spring onion
Big handful of cooked green beans (or other veg)
Torn sections of mozzarella (optional, or use other cheese)
3 eggs
Lettuce and radishes

1. Toss spring onion into hottish olive oil and fry.
2.  After a minute or so add leftover green veg and flip about a bit.
3.  Tear in mozzorella
4.  Pour over whisked eggs.  Wait until the edge has cooked a little and pull into the middle, tip pan to allow uncooked egg to move to the edges.  Either continue like this until cooked, or stick under a hot grill for a minute or so.
5. Serve.  scoff.

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