Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Grandma's root vegetable mash, cabbage and broccoli

Revenge of the veg box... 1 swede, 3 carrots, loads of cabbage and broccoli... Well, it was wholesome! Grandma's root veg mash is the best bit... And it's not mash at all. My grandma actually wasn't much of a cook, though she was quite a decent baker, and baked every Monday for years... Her fairy cakes were always great. She did 2 other noteworthy dishes... Hotpot every Saturday, which we used to look forward to with relish every visit, and carrots.... Turned out with every roast dinner... Not mashed but slashed through with a sharp knife with plenty of butter, until they were in tiny tiny pieces. Always delicious. So I boiled the swede and carrots, and did an homage to grandma with a sharp knife, butter and loads of black pepper.... And just steamed the cabbage and broccoli. If I ate this for 2 weeks I'm sure it would prompt some weight loss, even with the butter!

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