Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Kitchen fairies is a (currently) imaginary catering empire.  Its name is somewhat cornily a pun on the reclaimed colloquial use of fairy (and if you don't get it I'm not explaining), and on the concept of "wouldn't it be nice if the kitchen fairies had left us something tasty for dinner".   As such, I, as kitchen fairy in chief, have written it using the term "victim" to identify any diners.  This term was meant in a light hearted, tongue in cheek fashion, to indicate that sometimes the diners would be "inflicted" with my experimental concoctions.  

Recently, I have found that this is insulting both to me, and to my diners.  I am, from today, changing the voice for kitchen fairies posts.  I am privileged to cook, on occassion, for people who I love and care about; and they, in their turn are happy, and grateful, to receive my culinary offerings. 

Praise is sometimes offered, criticism is welcome - but there is not a power struggle, there is no victimisation.

Thanks for listening.

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