Monday, 17 December 2012

Chocolate and cherry bread

It's tasty.  It's not sweet like a cake, would be great for breakfast or brunch, 'specially with extra cherry jam.  Found this recipe on a blog ... here... , and thought about what I had in the cupboards... and came up with this...

450g strong white flour
50g cocoa powder
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
1 sachet quick acting yeast
40ml oil
300ml warm water

100g chocolate chips (I used 70%, but basically 100g chocolate of whatever sort)
100 g dried cherries

1.  Weigh stuff
2.  Put stuff in bread maker, according to machine instructions (for mine, dry first, then wet) keep choc chips and dried cherries out.  (or mix ingredients and kneed for 10 mins, add dried ingredients, kneed in, leave to rise, covered by damp tea towel in a warm place, for 30 mins)
3.  Put onto dough cycle.  When machine beeps chuck in chocolate bits and cherries.
4.  When risen, take out of bread machine, shape, slash (join in here if you have done hand kneeding etc) - leave to rise again for 20 mins.
5.  Bake in hot(ish) oven 220 (200 for fan) oven for 45 mins.  It's done when it sounds hollow when you knock the bottom.

I had a slice warm from the oven ... yum ... looking forward to chocolatey breakfast buttered slice in the morning.

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