Friday, 6 December 2013

Cauliflower and sprout cheese, pepper and tomato bake and roasty tatoes

Tasty, tasty, tasty!  But... it did take longer than a quick tea... and I didn't start cooking until 7:15 (long stories... work, trains, dogs etc...) and we ate at 9pm.  That was OK though, cos it gave us chance to catch up with professional master chef as well.  The downside of that is that a person might be tempted to compare my presentation of dinner to a masterchef thingy.. well - DON'T.. that is all.

There are 3 elements to the dinner tonight - a greens bake, a red bake and roasted potatoes.

1.  the best thing to do would be start with the potatoes, chop them into bite sized pieces (skin on if it looks nice) and par boil.
2.  Meanwhile, chop and onion and fry gently in olive oil, then after a few minutes add cauliflower florets and prepped and quartered sprouts... I then added a splosh of white wine.  Cover and simmer.  When veg a bit soft, chuck on huge handful of grated cheddar and stick it in t'oven  with 'tatoes.
3.  Red bake - chop red pepper, plum tomatoes add crushed garlic, olive oil and plenty of seasoning - stick in t'oven with t'rest.

Takes about an hour in the oven - then scoff

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