Monday, 20 January 2014

Broccoli and anchovy pasta

Tough old day at work, quite late home - wanted something savoury and tasty.  Fridge raid later, and this is what we had.

Olive oil
1 onion, chopped
celery, chopped
6 (ish) anchovy fillets
white wine
cavolo nero
black olives

gluten free pasta

1.  Sweat the onion and celery off in the olive oil.  Add crushed garlic.
2.  Add anchovies and chuck in a glass of wine.
3.  Simmer a bit, add broccoli florets, cover and steam/fry.  Add more water when it looks like its going a bit dry.
4.  Boil pasta.
5.  Add shredded cavolo nero 5 minutes before ready to serve, and slices of black olive.
6.  Drain pasta and add to sauce, chucking in cubes of feta at the same time.
7. Scoff, with plenty of black pepper.

The broccoli would have been considered over cooked in many presentations, but here it being a bit "soggy" means it makes it ore of a sauce.

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