Monday, 7 April 2014

Broccoli souffle with braised red cabbage and spicy potato wedges

1 red onion
1/2 red cabbage
white wine
fennel seeds

Olive oil
caribean seasonning

6 eggs - separated and whipped

1.  Saute onion, red cabbage and celery with fennel seeds in olive oil.
2.  Add white wine and stock and simmer for 40+ minutes or so.
3.  Chop potatoes into wedges and parboil.
4.  Put roasting tin with a layer of olive oil into the oven.
5.  Drain potatoes and toss (carefully) in hot oil.  Sprinkle with caribean seasoning.  Roast for about an hour.
5.  Whip separated eggs.
6.  Steam broccoli - whizz into small pieces.
7.  Mix broccoli into whipped egg yolks, add a teaspoon of mustard and a handful of grated parmesan.
8.  Fold into egg whites.  (Fold in one spoonful of whites to yolks first to slacken slightly - then fold the rest in).
9.  Butter souffle dish and coat with grated parmesan,  fill with egg mix and sprinkle parmesan on the top.
10.  Bake for about 35 minutes.

Scoff, receive considerable praise.

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