Sunday, 15 June 2014

it's raining outside, but it's summer in the kitchen

I have had a lovely afternoon looking around open gardens in a community nearby - the weather was pants (again) but at least it wasn't raining all afternoon.  So, tonight we came home to some indoor sunshine.

Potato and broad bean salad with feta and olives, coleslaw and salad leaves.

Recipes:  ... well lettuce - cut, separate leaves wash and dry.

Potato salad:

potatoes - diced
red onion - very thinly sliced
broad beans (double peeled - thank you patient partner - this takes ages and you did a great job)
green beans
black olives
olive oil

1.  Boil potatoes - chopped into even sized mouthfulls.
2. Steam green vegetables.
3.  Mix onions, warm potatoes and greens with cold olives, cheese and herbs and olive oil.


Grate carrots, shred white cabbage and finely slice spring onion - sprinkle in chili flakes, salt - splash in sherry (or other vinegar) and olive oil - mix.


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