Friday, 27 June 2014

Squid paella

Oh, what a week it's been!

recipe... ish

olive oil
chopped onion
chopped celery
chopped red pepper
garlic - crushed
paella mix - or paprika and saffron and a few herbs
risotto/paella rice
tinned tomatoes
white wine
squid - sliced into rings
snow peas, chopped into pieces
black olives
salt and black pepper
lemon to serve

OK - sautee chopped onion in oilve oil, and when a bit soft chuck in veg and garlic, stir around a bit - them chuck in rice and spices (or spice mix)- stir around.  When all rice grains are coated chuck in tomatoes, wine and squid, and some water.  Keep simmering for about 15 mins as it all cooks together.  Add in chopped snow peas (or, frankly, frozen peas) and black olives - add more water if it's looking dry.  Keep simmering for another 10ish  minutes - tuen off the heat and let it gently suck up the juices... serve, scoff!

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