Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Lentil spaghetti

If you've looked at this blog before you will know that we have a variety of dietary requirements in this household.  This lentil spaghetti was so good that the veg dodger had thirds!  Shocking!  It's gluten free, and vegan if you miss off the parmesan.

Olive oil
Red pepper
Butternut squash
Vegetable stock
Italian herbs
Semi-dried tomatoes
Tin chopped tomatoes
american mustard
tomato ketchup

Spaghetti  (gluten free for us)

1.  Usual start, sautee leeks and garlic in olive oil, add italian herbs.
2.  After a few minutes add chopped butternut squash, red pepper and mushrooms.
3.  Add a cup of red lentils and a jug of vegetable stock.  Simmer ... and simmer, add more stock if it looks like it's going dry.
4.  At some point during the simmer ... and simmer ... add some chopped semi-dried tomatoes and a tin of chopped tomatoes ... simmer ..
5.  Squirt in a healthy splodge of american hotdog mustard and ketchup.  Simmer, as above.
6.  Boil spaghetti, according to packet instructions, drain.
7.  Serve, topped with shaved parmesan (and black pepper for me).

Cheap, cheerful and as mentioned above very welcomed by all, including veg dodgers.

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