Saturday, 13 May 2017

Cajun trout with roasted vegetables

Fish on Friday again - beautifully fresh trout from Paul the fish on Todmorden market - spices etc from The Mediterranean Pantry and veg available from Garry the veg.  I only wish Todmorden would provide some mediterranean style sunshine to go with this summery dinner.

Olive oil
Red onion
Baby plum tomatoes
Mixed herbs
Cajun spice

1.  Chop potatoes into 1" cubes, toss in olive oil and roast for about 50 minutes.
2.  Chop vegetables into even sized pieces, add chopped garlic and mixed herbs, toss in olive oil, and bung into the oven to roast, for about 45 minutes.
3.  Brush the trout with a paste made by mixing a tablespoon of cajun spice with olive oil - fry for a few minutes on each side - skin side first, in a hot pan.
4.  Serve, scoff

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