Thursday, 4 May 2017

Cowboy chow: pork'n'beans

Some fantastic pork steaks in Nick Fielding's Value pack, from Todmorden Market Hall - a tin of beans and a few tweaks ... lovely spicy beans, wedges and cabbage.  Our household has a number of dietary requirements, including vegetarian and veg dodging - so if we are all around it's easier to cook the meat separately - if I were cooking this for all meat eaters I would have been tempted to make a pork and bean stew.

Olive oil
Tin of baked beans
Tin of tomatoes
chilli flakes
fennel seeds
BBQ sauce
pork steaks

1.  Chop potatoes into wedges, toss in olive oil and roast for 45 minutes or so.
2.  Sautee chopped onion and garlic, add chilli flakes and fennel seeds.
3.  When the onion is soft add chopped mushrooms, baked beans, a tin of tomatoes, and a splash of water, simmer.  Add a squirt of BBQ sauce for extra tang.
4.  Shred and steam cabbage.
5.  Rub a little olive oil onto the pork steaks and pan fry for a couple of minutes each side.
6.  Serve, scoff - watch veg dodger have seconds of beans ... unafraid of the hidden mushrooms.  Vegetarian had a fired egg.

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