Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Vegetarian week: Day 1: Mushroom and spring green "cake"

National vegetarian week, and the last day of the veg box!  A challenging combination - but a quick think, and scout in the cupboards and I came up with this "cake".  I thought it was going to be a bit more like yorkshire pudding, but it ended up a little more solid - it was tasty still - and gluten free.

Red onions
Olive oil
Spring greens
Soya milk
GF self raising flour

1.  Sautee the chopped red onion in olive oil, when they are softish add chopped mushrooms and crushed garlic.  Let it all soften down gently for about 10 minutes - add a little water if you think it's looking dry.
2.  Start the batter by whisking together eggs and milk - I used 6 eggs and about a pint of milk, add chopped chives and a small handful of finely grated parmesan.  Mix together the dry ingredients.
3.  Lay shredded spring greens on the mushroom mixture for a few minutes until they start to wilt.
4.  Put and oven dish, with some olive oil in the bottom, in the oven to heat up.
5.  Transfer the veg to the hot oven dish, pour on the batter, mix and put in the oven to bake for about 30 minutes.
6.  Steam the carrots, stick the peas in the pan under the carrots for 4 minutes (ish) ...
7. Serve, scoff

Even the veg dodger enjoyed it - infact they went back for a cold snack later on!

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