Thursday, 29 June 2017

Sunday roast chicken and cauliflower cheese

Just delicious - you really can't beat  good roast chicken sometimes, and this was one of those times.

Olive oil
Chicken rub
Green beans
Soya milk (or dairy milk)
Grainy mustard

1.  Roast potatoes in olive oil, for about an hour and a quarter.
2.  Cut a bulb of garlic in half, and a lemon in half - stuff half the garlic, half a lemon, half a garlic, half a lemon into the cavity in the chicken.
3.  Rub chicken rub and olive oil all over the chicken - roast - breast side down first for about an hour and a quarter.  After 20ish minutes turn the chicken over and move the potatoes about a bit to allow even cooking.
4.  Steam cauliflower florets and green beans.
5.  Make cheese sauce by boiling the milk, slake cornflour in water and add to the milk to thicken.  Add grated cheese and a spoonful of grainy mustard.
6.  Put the steamed cauliflower in an oven dish and pour over sauce - bake for 20 minutes, or so.  Keep the green beans warm
7.  Check the chicken - if you insert a sharp knife into the fattest bit the juices should run clear.
8. Serve, scoff ... hide any seconds you might want for lunch. The veg dodger finished everything else off for a midnight feast.

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