Thursday, 28 April 2011

Fusilli with chicken, asparagus and brocolli

Another dead easy dinner - and stuffed full of vegetables.  As you can see the proportion of veg to pasta is quite high in our version - hence appearance of green mush!  Recipe - such as it is boil pasta (in chicken stock gives you a bit of extra flavour, but could be just water) after 6 minutes add brocolli and chopped asaparagus stem.  After 3 more mins add asparagus tips and fresh edame beans.  2 mins later add chopped sping onion.  Meanwhile brown chicken pieces.  Drain pasta and veg, keeping a little stock back, stir though greek yogurt and a handful of parmesan.  Top with a seriously good grinding of black pepper.  Victim ate a bowl full without complaining, result!  Do you like the new table cloth?  I think I'm having an attack of the twee.  No eggs at all today :(

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