Saturday, 2 April 2011

Thai red chicken curry

Trying to work on my presentation - but obviously some way to go!  However, was fresh and delish - addition of lime juice in last few seconds essential to add that extra zing.  Also, pic looks like curry is sat in a puddle of pond water.  The pond water is the curry sauce and is the bit which holds the flavour, but like a gravy spreads all over the plate.  Victim gave it 8/10 ... but that's sour grapes cos she prefers green curry (too hot for me often).  Recipe - soften chopped onions in peanut oil (don't use olive oil the flavours clash), stir in 1-2 tbsps thai curry paste (this time I used bought, some brands are good, some less good - home made is fresher, but time consuming - I did add some more crushed garlic and finely chopped red chilli).  Add chicken, just starting cooking process - no real need to brown, just stop it from sticking -  if it starts sticking add half a cup of water over a high heat and use a fish slice to
lift stickings from the bottom of the pan.  Add veg - red pepper, courgette, mushrooms and green beans tonight - could have included carrots, peas, sweetcorn, aubergine, butternut squash, kholrabi etc etc.  Stir in 1 tin coconut milk & rinse tin with about half a s much water - add that too  - add splash of fish sauce.  Simmer, covered, or put in hottish oven for 20+ mins.  Squeeze of fresh lime - jobs a good'un.  Served here with Thai jasmine rice.  Could've added thai basil and/or coriander - but none to hand tonight.

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