Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Moussaka: on a school night!

4 pans - multiple processes - and on a work night.  But yum - tiddly - yum -yum.  Victim approved heartily.  Little does she know that not only did I insist on the consumption of some green beans - but as well as the aubergine and onion I had also snuck in goodly amounts of edame beans, pepper and tomato  :evil grin: That with the courgette and mushroom frittata for lunch and the fresh fruit lolly (banana milkshake today) bring sneaky fruit and veg portions up to 10, or there abouts.  Oh, yes, and the bechamel was made with soya milk - so I think that's at least another half a portion ... snicker.  Chicken news:  I forgot to say Jennifer too did infact turn out to be Jeremy, so he has gone back to the farm.  Egg count today = 3 Sophie, Clarissa and Nigella?).  I'm not 100% sure, but I think we had Nigella's first today.  Sophie and Rosemary lay oval "egg" shaped eggs - Clarissa much more rounded - and today we had an even smaller, lovely little round one, so I think that's Nigella.

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