Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Yummy yummy curry, aloo gobi and rice

Yummy yummy curry was a bit too hot in this version, as I added some dried  birdseye chilies, cos I thought it wasn't spicy enough at first taste (damn this cold)!  The aloo gobi was a cheat which I won't do again - it was a bombay potato mix - and had FAR too much turmeric in it - which overpowered the whole dish.  Basmatic and wild rice, always a slightly more interesting mix - and boy did we need the yogurt.  Still struggling with presentation, as is obvious.  Victim not particularly impressed.  The two will be combined and softened into curried soup (about 12 litres?).  Other news - 2 eggs today - looked like Sophie and Clarissa - Nigella and Jennifer too still on ducks.

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