Sunday, 2 October 2011

Chicken and sweet potato hotpot

Veg box revenge.... sweet potato and red cabbage lolling about at the back of the fridge - actually turned into something quite delicious.

Started with the red cabbage - chop an onion and saute in olive oil, added chopped red cabbage - give it a few stirs and add a tsp or so of dried fennel seeds, salt, black pepper and apple juice - a good grind of black pepper and enough water to keep it moist.  Simmer, and chuck in medium oven with a lid on.

Then, onto the hotpot.... chop leeks, celery, carrots and saute in olive oil in a big casserole pan - add chopped green beans, chopped asparagus ends (optional - leftovers), suate a bit longer.  Push veg to edges and brown chicken chopped into bite sized pieces in the centre - add 2 cloves chopped garlic, and some "greek seasoning" (or some paprika/ oregano and mint).... when a bit browned deglaze with white wine, and add chicken stock, tomato puree and some mushrooms and  fresh tomatoes.  Simmer, lid on, for about 20 mins.  Meanwhile peel and thinly slice sweet potatoes - and then arrange in tidy layer on top ... the missed pic as the gathered victims were straight in there with the serving spoon.
In medium oven, with lid on for 30 mins - lid off for final 15-20 mins. 

Steam romanesco as you would broccoli.  Serve, and watch the vitamins take over gathered victims systems - doing them more good than they expected.  Also, sweet potato top gets big thumbs up from sweet toothed, and slightly spiced hot pot thumbs up from peeps who like "summat a bit different".  The only thumbs down was for the red cabbage - but that's just because they're nuts... I loved it.

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