Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Spanish omelette

So, Spanish omelette, but I've been watching too much British Bake Off, so tomato ketchup takes on a whole new role! Recipe.... OK - peel and dice potatoes (3 baking in this case) - boil - slice and saute an onion, add green beans (chopped), courgette (diced) and mushrooms (roughly chopped).  Season veg mix.  When potatoes are soft (12ish mins - depending on how small the dice were), drain them well and add to the softenned veg.  Whisk together eggs (I used 8 - 4 normal sized, and 4 of our little bantams).... Stir veg mix, add frozen peas and check seasoning.  pour on eggs  - stir in over light/hob and finish under grill ... or transfer straight away to a medium oven until done from bottom to top - and top to bottom (about 15 mins).  Then, squirt artistically with tomato ketchup.

In other news victim is deeply disappointed as the poly tunnel is still in its packaging!  Never mind, hopefully it will appear today.

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