Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Lemon chicken with red rice

Both me and the victim have had horrible colds, amongst other pressures, so no posts for a bit.  Also, as we have been under the weather favourites have been wheeled out .. and they have featured on the blog many times. Lemon chicken may well have appeared before, but I'm not checking... I never promised a no repeat recipe blog.. and I know it doesn't appear every week.  It is tasty, though, so you could eat it every week if you had too!

So, sautee chopped onion and celery in olive oil until a bit soft.  Push veg to edge of pan, turn heat up a bit, add bite sized pieces of chicken, keep stirring until all edges a bit cooked.  Add other veg (chopped green beans and diced carrot), some stock, minced garlic, juice of a lemon or so and sprinkle of mixed herbs.  If you're feeling fruity grate in zest of lemon.  There should be enough liquid to keep the mixture a "sauce" but not to drown the contents.  Simmer gently for 10(ish) minutes.  Meanwhile cook red rice (it's a grass officially) according to packet instructions. (or use any other sort of rice/ pasta/ potatoes/ bread... whatever).  Just before serving stir in big handful of chopped parsley and another squirt of lemon juice.
Grind black pepper and add chopped parsley to the rice and splodge.  Victim has been moaning about splodge of rice - splodge of sauce, so I tried a ring presentation - all seems a bit 70s to me... so here is another pic.. same dinner, rice in a mould.  Please leave a comment to gang up on me, or give me ammunition against victim's ideas.

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