Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Spaghetti carbonara (with peas)

Cook spaghetti.  Chop bacon into small pieces (I used unsmoked because it was what we had, but smoked would add a nice smokey sweetness).  Fry bacon with chopped mushrooms and garlic in olive oil.  Add frozen peas (not authentic, but the neither are mushrooms, and I do insist on adding veg when possible), stir until heated through.  Grate parmesan, whisk 4 small eggs.  When pasta is cooked drain and toss with bacon mixture.  Leave to stand for a couple of minutes then chuck in eggs and cheese and toss togther well.  Serve, with lots of black pepper, and more parmensan.  Easy, quick, yum.  Victim didn't say much - but finished it.


  1. So the eggs cook with the heat of the spaghetti?

  2. Yes, you don't need to cook them first - but keep tossing the pasta and sauce a little longer than you think is absolutely necessary, and then the eggs will be cooked. If you chuck the eggs in without the pasta cooling down a tad you will get scrambled egg. Having said that, don't hang the washing out or anything... it's just a pause, not a long wait.


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