Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Pasta and tuna pesto salad

Recipe:  be as busy as humanly possible all day - look in cupboards - panic - boil pasta, open some jars and a tin or two, chop some stuff and mix.  So pasta - shells, because, why not?  Farfalle would be OK, and penne or other shortish types, but probably not long pasta, or sheets.  Jars - roasted peppers, pesto, mayonnaise (lower fat), gherkins, olives: chop - red onion, tomato, cucumber & stuff from jars that needed to be in smaller pieces (gherkin, peppers, olives).  Chuck handful of frozen peas into pasta - bring back to boil.  Open tin of tuna, drain, chuck into mixed vegetables - add big splodge of mayonnaise, add drained pasta and stir all together with a nice fresh grind of black pepper on top. Victim didn't say much, but ate it all.  I enjoyed mine. Some left for lunch tomorrow - result!

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