Sunday, 27 May 2012

Monkfish & talapia on the BBQ

Marinaded monkfish and talapia fillets for 20 minutes, in garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, white wine, chili flakes and salt and pepper.  Meanwhile made celeriac slaw ( celeriac, carrot, apple - through mandolin (managed not to damage fingers this time), light mayonnaise, lemon juice, natural yogurt) ... and greek(ish) salad - little gem lettuce, rocket, red onion, tomator, cucumber, red pepper, basil, black olives, feta - dressed with olive oil and lemon juice).  Griddled courgette - marinade in olive oil, salt and herbs.  Grill monkfish for about 8 minutes, courgette about 6 minutes and talapia for about 6 minutes - on hot barbeque.  Served, today, with rice.  Primary victim had burgers, but the rest of us enjoyed the fish.  I prefered the talapia to the monkfish - but I'd do them both again.

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