Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Very lazy kedgeree

If you have read this blog before you will know that I have the privilege of living with an Aga.  I say "living with" rather than owning, because an Aga really does become a member of the family, as it greets you with warmth every time you come into the kitchen, but it has some idiosyncracies which you have to learn to live with.  If, like me, you are spoilt and have an aga ... this is proper, proper easy - you bring it to the boil on the fast plate, and then stick it in the simmering oven for how ever long... 20 minutes to 2+ hours.  In a kitchen with a hob and oven - put the oven on to quite low - about 140 I would think, as soon as you come in - faff with ingredients briefly - on the hob for less than 10 mins and in the oven for half an hour or longer ... ie. put your dinner on, go swimming, gym class, parent teachers evening etc ... and dinner will be ready when you step back through the front door.

You need a cast iron casserole - or other heavy saucepan with lid - basically it has to go from hob to oven, and be covered without any harm coming to it.

rice (I used basmati)
curry powder of your choice (I used organic balti mix)
spring onions
veg - I used spring onions, endame beans and mushrooms - was going to include spinach before the end, but forgot
smoked haddock

1.  Put rice in casserole, mix in curry powder/paste and cover with enough cold water to cover + about 1.5 cms above.
2.  When it comes to the boil add chopped veg over the rice.
3.  Place fish on the top.  The water/stock should still be slopping about at least half way up the fish fillets (unless you have really stuck shed loads of veg in, in which case perhaps just below the fish).  Cover, transfer to oven.  Leave in oven for 20 minutes at least.
4.  If adding soft greens (eg. spinach or frozen peas) add them 10ish minutes before serving)

Measurements are vague - timings are vague - as long as you get it to boiling before putting in warm oven, and as long as you leave it long enough this really is a very very easy, forgiving dinner.  Obv, if you want proper kedgeree you use cooked rice, a more complex spicing mixture and cooking processes .. oh, and some boiled eggs.  But - I was busy, and I loved it.

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