Monday, 2 September 2013

No spend September

A challenge to stop impulse spending on nothing... spend nothing is September.  There are 3 exceptions:-  petrol, milk and presents (of the birthday, christenning variety NOT the a present to me because it's Tuesday variety).  There are also 2 other things allowed - the regular veg box and loaf, and my season ticket is paid for.

This is the first breach - and it's only the 2nd - but caused by a headache driving up the A1 on a warm afternoon, and needing to stay awake.  £4.54.

3rd September:  it's not cheating if someone else pays... So take-away curry tonight.  £3 on the lads up the road for washing the van.  There was petrol, but that's on the allowable list.  Total breaches so far £7.54.

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