Monday, 30 September 2013

Red pepper and spinach risotto, greek inspired beans

Interesting mix of veg in the fridge, but nothing new purchased and this was delicious.


olive oil
chopped onion
chopped red pepper
white wine
crushed garlic
vegetable stock
paella seasoning
splash of chili sauce
big pile of spinach, chopped


Olive oil
Cannelini beans (would have been butter beans if I had any)
2 bay leaves
crushed garlic
tin of tomatoes
mixed herbs
plenty of black pepper

1. Sautee 2 lots of chopped onion in olive oil - 1 for the risotto, one for the beans.
2.  When a little soft add chopped pepper to the risotto base, and tinned (drained) beans to the bean mixture.
3.  Stir around - add rice to the risotto and stir until all grains are covered in a film of oil.  Add a glass of white wine and simmer.  Then add spice mix (paella/pimento and turmeric), herbs and crushed garlic.  Keep adding stock and stirring as rice cooks (about 25 minutes depending on rice).
4.  After starting 2 add 2 bay leaves, a tin of tomatoes and a half cup of water to the beans (chop tomatoes if they are not chopped).  Simmer.  Add water if its getting dry, but let the beans get nice and soft, season when serving.  (Don't add salt too soon, it will make the bean skins tough).
5.  When ricey mixture is nearly done add chopped spinach, put lid on and leave for 5 minutes (turn off heat).  Stir it in to become properly wilted, but not lose its colour.
6.  Season, scoff (with cheese if you fancy).

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