Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Caribbean vegetable stew and rice

Raging sore throat and really spiky earache (you'll understand if you have had it like this) ... and otherwise rotating cold symptoms have kept me off work and indoors all day.  I tried to make something both comforting and spicy to help clear the tubes for tea.

I was still feeling grim at teatime so wanted something to basically cook itself... this did, once the veggies had been chopped and it was sitting in the oven waiting.

So, what I did was....

2 leeks, chopped and washed
Rape seed oil
caribbean spice mix
mixed herbs
crushed garlic
chopped mushrooms
chopped green beans
tin of kidney beans
peeled and chopped butternut squash
tin of chopped tomatoes
Spoon of peanut butter

Brown rice

1.  Sautee leeks off in oil.
2.  Add herbs, spices and garlic - stir around.
3.  Add in other veg, drained tin of beans and squash.  Turn over in the oil.  Add water and bring to simmer.
4. Add spoon of peanut butter and tomatoes, stir in, simmer and taste - adjust seasoning if necessary- I added chili (but i think that's because this cold is preventing me tasting things).
5.  Add water and bung in the oven with the rice until ready to eat.

Dinner was great, and I thin the spice has helped a bit - but my ears still hurt... ho hum.

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