Monday, 24 March 2014

Veg box tapas

I should probably have taken a pic of all the separate dishes - as this really was a kind of tapas - have what you fancy mix - rather than a put together menu of main and sides.

The dishes were - roast cauliflower with cumin, garlic mushrooms, leek and kale smoked cheese gratin(ish), groats and steamed purple sprouting broccoli.

It took about an hour, the cauliflower and mushrooms going in to start with.  Then a 20 minute gap - then started the gratin - then in the last 15 minutes the broccoli steamed over the groats.

Roast cauliflower with cumin

Olive oil
cumin seeds

It's a simple as that!  Split the cauli into florets and put in roasting pan with olive oil, a sprinkle of cumin seeds and a pinch of salt - roast at about 180 for 45 mins to an hour... tossing occasionally to brown evenly(ish)

Garlic mushrooms

Olive oil
crushed garlic
chopped mushrooms
splash of white wine
black pepper

In an oven dish, chuck in ingredients, toss about a bit, add a drop of water/wine if they look dry - stick in the oven with the cauliflower

Leek and kale smoked cheese gratin

Olive oil
Leek, chopped and washed
crushed garlic
white wine
kale, shredded
corn flour
soya milk
smoked cheese, grated or diced

1.  Sautee leek in olive oil until soft.
2.  Add garlic, splash of whie win and kale.  Simmer as kale gets soft.
3.  When veg are soft, slake cornflour in a little soya milk - add the slaked mixture and another cup of soya milk and keep stirring to make a sauce.
4.  Add grated/chopped smoked cheese, mix until melted.
5.  Put in oven dish and bake until everything is done.

Groats & purple sprouting broccoli

Steam the broccoli over the pan of boiling water - boil the groats.

Drain, serve, scoff.

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