Monday, 25 January 2016

Grilled prawns with vegetable risotto

The weather outside is dreadful, the forecast is something frightful etc etc ... I am really hoping that the predicted torrential rainfall doesn't result in further floods.  But, in the meantime, tried to capture some sunshine with the help of frozen prawns and some tasty seasoning.

olive oil
chopped onions
crushed garlic
italian herbs
green beans
arborio rice
white wine
stock - made from organic vegan bouillon
frozen peas

king prawns

1.  Sautee onions in olive oil, until nearly soft.
2.  Add crushed garlic, a good pinch of herbs and some chopped green beans.  Stir about a bit.
3.  Add a good handful of arborio rice and stir in the pan until every grain has a light coating of oil.
4.  Chuck in a glassful of white wine, simmer.
5.  Add stock, made up from stock powder and hot water, a ladle at a time, letting it simmer and absorb into the rice.
6.  Heat a tiny amount of olive oil on a griddle pan.
7.  When the rice is just before al dente (ie. just under done, should take about 10 minutes from first addition  of stock) chuck in a handful of frozen peas.
8. Griddle the prawns on the hot pan - a couple, or three, minutes per side (from frozen) should do it.  Should you be lucky enough to have fresh prawns it would only take a minute or so each side.
9.  When risotto is done turn off the heat - it will enjoy resting and soaking up the juices for up to about 10 minutes.
10.  Serve risotto, top with prawns and scoff.

Tonight we had a risotto sceptic, and a prawn sceptic ... but clean plates (and seconds) all round.

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